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What If My Freight Is Damaged?

Your freight will be securely packaged when it leaves our facility. We can also send you a picture of your shipment if requested. If a shipment is damaged when it arrives, you must sign "damaged" on the freight bill and make notes regarding the damage. Be sure to inspect your product thoroughly. Taking Digital photos will make filing any claim much easier.

  • DO NOT sign for a package that shows signs of damage.
    • Have the damage noted on the Bill of Lading.
    • Do not sign for it! Refuse the package.
    • If you refuse the delivery, please Contact Us as soon as possible!


If a product is damaged or lost, it is the customer's responsibility to file a freight and damage claim with the freight company. AE Technologies Inc. will assist the customer with this process (by furnishing correct contact information). Once the claim has been filed (this should be done immediately), AE Technologies Inc. will assist the customer in the process. As you can imagine, if you (the customer or the facility that unloaded your package) DID NOT make a note on the delivery receipt that the package was damaged, the chances of a freight claim being honored are very small. There is only one way for a customer to be 100% sure that his product will arrive undamaged, and that is if the customer (personally) picks up the merchandise from one of our brick and mortar locations. Shipping a product (no matter how well it is packaged) carries a small risk that the product may be lost or damaged. If you, (the customer) is not willing to take this slight risk, please pick up the product at our location or order your equipment from another distributor. We ship dozens of heavy products every day with great success. However, there is absolutely no way that AE Technologies Inc. can 100% guarantee that your product will arrive “perfectly”. If you have questions about freight shipping, please get them “asked and answered” BEFORE you place your order. Remember that even though your buddy down the street has a forklift and has offered to take delivery of your new lift, he still may not be “qualified” to inspect the package he unloads. It is NOT his lift and he will not take the time to make sure everything is 100% perfect. It is your job to make sure that he understands his responsibilities.

The package (product) becomes the property of the customer when it leaves our warehouse, so it is the customer (owner of the property) that must initiate the claim.
Please speak to our Customer Care Specialists to find out more information.
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