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Forklifts and Unloading

Truck freight companies do not require their drivers to unload shipments. Any delivery using this method is the customers sole responsibility to provide the trucking company room for the truck and an adequite unload method such as a shipping dock or solid surface. Any power equipment such as forklifts, cranes, etc. is to be provided by the customer.

The customer is ALWAYS responsible for offloading a product from the delivery truck. Our pricing structure assumes that when it arrives at your residence or business facility you have the means to offload the product from the delivery truck. If you do not have the means, many items can be delivered with a lift-gate for your convenience. This means the driver will be able to get it down off the truck for you. Though expect the freight carrier to charge additional fees for a lift-gate. Please contact us for lift gate fee pricing.

The power tailgate is normally rated between 1000 LB. to 1500 LB.capacity. This is not enough capacity to unload most of our lifts. However, when used properly (and safely), the power tailgate (in conjunction with some common sense) allows the customer to off load many of our products without the use of a forklift. Remember, it is always the customer's responsibility to unload the truck. If the power tailgate brings the product to the ground, it is the customer's responsibility to get the product off the power tailgate. Be prepared BEFORE the truck arrives! We can provide you with shipping weight and dimensions to help you determine what size forklift or other piece of equipment you will need. If you do not have one, or cannot rent/ borrow one, there are two options:

Option (1) Pick it up at the freight carrier's terminal near you
If you choose to pick it up at the freight carrier's local terminal, they will load the product on your trailer at no additional charge. Then when you get it back to your premises, you can un-bundle the package and unload it piece-by-piece.

Option (2) We set you up with a local installer who can receive the lift on your behalf and install it for an additional fee. Please call for details.

Your ship-to address must be accessible for a larger tractor trailer truck. Even if you believe your address is accessible, it is ultimately the driver's discretion as to whether it is passable for them.


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