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HOLLSTEIN 6,000 Lbs. Midrise Lift 38" Rise

Category: Scissor Lifts
Price: 3,245 $ 2,495 $


Quick Set-up & Safe Operation at a comfortable 38” working height. This portable pad lift doesn't need any lift arms to be positioned. Dual hydraulic cylinders and double air operated safety locks make this lift a reliable work horse.

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  • makes this PORTABLE Lift perfect for servicing Tires, Brakes, Suspension and Bodywork
  • Electro-hydraulic operation
  • High load capacity and 38" lifting height
  • Quick cycle time for up and down movement.
  • Practical and easy to use, this lift guarantees the
  • Maximum safety built-in, mechanical safety locks keep lift raised and locked even for longer periods of time
  • Mechanical leveling system assures constant leveling of the lifting platforms regardless of weight distribution
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HOLLSTEIN Midrise Lift, 38" Rise

  • 6,000 Lbs lifting capacity
  • Open in the middle to access center of the vehicle, not possible on other mid-rise lifts that have arms to pick-up the vehicle
  • Four rubber blocks are placed on the lift pads to pick-up the vehicle at the manufacturers designated contact points
  • Automatically engaging double safety lock system with air release
  • 38" working height
  • 4" drive-over height for approach of low vehicles
  • Low maintenance, all pivot points are made from self lubricating bushings for long life cycle
  • Wheel kit, tow bar and rubber pads/blocks standard
  • Portable trolley for power unit and safety lock air release botton
  • SUV kit available
  • 110V electro-hydraulic power unit standard