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Rav G2.118/119RD Digital Compact Wheel Balancer

Category: Wheel Balancers

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The G2.118RD is a big balancer in a smaller package for those workshops where space is a premium. This machine offers the same precision, same weight capacity, and same DC drive as our other models. Built in Northern Italy with the famous RAV quality.

  • 2 D Data entry is simple, fast and automatic utulizing the data entry arm especially for stick-on weights
  • 40mm balancing shaft capable of handeling up to 143 lbs rim with tire
  • 4 balancing cones and speed nut
  • Hammer-on, ALU, Static, Hidden weight behind spokes/ Split weight placement Modes
  • Available with or without a hood
  • Model 118; without hood
  • Model 119 with hood, please add $149.00

A great choice when space or budget is limited.

Advertised special price is for pick-up of balancer and is only offered when in stock.

Call 570 639 2344 to schedule an appointment and for pick-up arrangements



Optional Truck Cone Kit will fit any RAV 40mm Shaft, (shown below in video)

Optional Motorcycle Adapter will fit all RAV balancer, (shown below in video)