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Wheel Balancers

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RAV G7340-625x286 c

Top of the range wheel balancing machine with increased horsepower for heavy...

RAV G4.140RS

The new generation wheel balancing machine with tire and wheel diagnostic...

Rav G2.118/119HD Balancer (G2119HD shown here with optional hood)

This high quality wheel balancing machine with a small footprint is capable...

Beissbarth MT 840
Price: $6,000   $1,595  
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automatic data entry for all 3 wheel parameters Full size machine with large...

AETechnologies Wheel Balancers. Our Most Capable New Range for 2015

Tire technician like the simplicity of the new powerful computerized balancers. No more complicated and awkward procedures to enter or accessing more advanced balancing functions. We offer the popular Hollstein Balancer for trouble-free operation for years to come as well as the more advanced and capable RAV wheel balancer line from Italy. RAV utilizes a 4 color key pad to select the functions you want. Most balancing functions are completed without any key selection at all. The RAV balancer intuitively knows what type of weight placement you want, then, the machine sets itself automatically to that particular mode. You simply lower the hood and it completes the cycle in an average of 6 seconds. The balancer then guides you to proper weight location and amount. The smart software guides the balancer whether you desire tape weight, alloy, static, or dynamic mode. Our upper range machines have premium features such as stop on top, eco-weight program, automatic tape weight placement, tire and wheel eccentricity and optimization, and much more.