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RAV KPN442NE Heavy Duty 4 Post Lift

Category: Four Post Lifts

The KPN442NE Electro-Mechanical Four Post Lift has 4 motors. One at each column. They are inter-connected mechanically by line shafting and bevel gear boxes in oil bath to ensure the perfect level of the platforms and balanced load on motors regardless of vehicle position. Only one adjustment is made during the installation, never during operation as there are no parts subject to yielding or lengthening such as cables and load bearing chains.

The KP442NE can be twinned by both synchronizing the two lift platforms therefore operating the platforms at same working height; and in single mode with the two lifts working independently with platforms at different height. This solution enables the lifting of particularly long vehicles but also allows - in single mode - to make the lifts work separately to service the more common vehicles, therefore granting double return on the investment.

Available in

  • 24,000 Kg or 52,800 Lbs
  • 28,000 Kg or 61,600 Lbs
  • 40,000 Kg or 88,000 Lbs
  • 48,000 Kg or 105,600 Lbs Lifting Capacities
  • Runway length of 26' or 315" and overall lenght of 29.5' which is 354"
  • 10' or 123" drive-thru clearance
  • column height is 86.6" and the height to the top of the runway is 6' or 73"
  • When fully lowered the runways are 10.8" of the ground
  • Drive Shaft Insures Safety
  • Shaft and Transmission Insures Synchronization
  • Four Post Lifts Photos In Gallery Show Multiple Product Variations.