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Pre-Owned In-Stock Inventory

OTC Vision Premier Engine Analyzer

Price: 13,100 $ 1,995 $

This machine is used but is in perfect working order. It has been used for two years by the previous owner and comes equipped with a Windows loaded Dell computer with a Color Printer. Retailed at $13,702.00, we are practically giving this away for $1995.00


Features and Benefits

    High Speed Ignition Scrope, Lab Scope, and Egine Analyzer
    Expandable and updateable via CD ROM
    Fast, High Resolution Color Scope
    Displays "live" digitial ignition and lab scope patterns
    Largest and most detailed scope display
    Intuitive, easy-to-use software
    Built-in, robust, on-line help and operator guide
    PC-Based tool
    The Engine Analyzer Module is compatible with modern personal computers so you can stay current with PC Technology
    Expandability protects your investment
    Modern technology keeps you current with the new vehicle testing needs
    Long term value for a moderate investment
    Catches and displays intermittent and high speed events that slower handheld and old technology analyzers miss, saving you diagnostic time. The analyzer is easy-to-use, spend less time to get familiar with it and    quickly gets new technicians up-to-speed so they are productive with it.
    Modern technology allows you to pick up your PC platform and keep pace with the ever-changing PC world.
    Retail Price was: $13,072